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I welcome you with love and respect on the website of the Consulate General of Hungary in Edinburgh.

The connection between Hungary and Scotland goes back a millennium, to the 11th Century, where a Hungarian princess became a Scottish Queen! She was born in a small Hungarian town, Mecseknádasd, not far from my own home town Szekszárd, her name was Margaret.

Margaret became Queen of Scotland when she married, but she also went on to become a Saint because of her relentless kindness and charitable works.

So, you see, we really do have historic connections, we go back a very long way. Since St Margaret, times have changed but core values have not: God, Homeland, Family, Heritage and Respect.

In late 1956, Scotland became home to thousands of Hungarian refugees fleeing the Soviet crackdown following the Hungarian Revolution.

In 1990 Hungary threw off the yoke of communism, today Hungary is a member of NATO and The European Union.

In recent years, interest in Hungary's colourful tourist and leisure programs, high-quality gastronomic offerings, has also intensified, which is attracting more and more visitors. At the same time, more and more Hungarian tourists wish to visit Edinburgh and see the stunning natural beauty of Scotland.

In 2018 Hungary established a Vice-Consulate in Edinburgh. Four years later in 2022, Hungary and the United Kingdom agreed to upgrade the diplomatic level to Consulate General for the Consular district of Scotland.

A new Era began in our relations, characterised foremost by mutual trust and respect. Our bond is further strengthened by our thriving economic cooperation. Investments from the British Isles are resulting in valuable jobs and considerable economic performance in Hungary.

The Hungarian diaspora living here is an extremely close and valuable link between our countries, as they represent the traditions and cultural heritage of Scotland and Hungary, combined in the most authentic way in both directions.

We care for them and give them special, devoted attention. Whether they consider Scotland to be their long-term home or as many in increasing numbers do, return to Hungary, the Consulate General of Hungary in Edinburgh will provide a range of consular services.

As a career diplomat for over 25 years, I have worked in Iraq, Ukraine, USA and Australia. And now today, I am the first Hungarian Consul General in Edinburgh, it is an enormous honour to serve and represent Hungary in Scotland. One of my goals is that our consular office becomes a living, helpful link and a meeting point for all of you.

I look forward to working and enjoying the company of our new Scottish friends and colleagues, as do all of my team.

Thank you very much for visiting our website. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


dr. László KÁLMÁN
Consul General